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Silver Tambur, the Cofounder and Editor-in-Chief of Estonian World, was kind enough to give Coming Home a read while traveling recently. Kinder still, he published a lengthy and detailed review of Coming Home on his site. He does an excellent job of breaking down the book’s tone and substance as well as its shared relevance for Estonian Americans and Estonians alike. An excerpt from his review:

Although it is a personal account by one displaced Estonian, it characterises thousands. Tens of thousands of Estonians in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, who mostly had better opportunities and life than the ones left behind, but who nevertheless never stopped worrying about Estonia and used every little opportunity to do everything at their disposal to support folks back home and achieve Estonia’s independence again, from financial support to pressing President Ronald Reagan at the White House. Books like Coming Home ought to be published also in Estonian, to narrow the invisible barrier and raise understanding between the “proper” Estonians and the “expat” Estonians.

Thanks so much to Silver and Estonian World for sharing Coming Home with their audience.